Business Intelligence / Data science

Business Intelligence (BI) isn’t just the latest buzzword, it really can leverage more profit by aggregating information, visualizing and presenting it in new ways. BI will also provide your management team with insights about the business that were previously not possible.

Simbiis have spent several years creating and configuring custom BI servers and dashboards
for medium to large enterprises (primarily using Qlikview – check it out here).
But that doesn’t mean SME’s lose out; we can build BI into your systems using
online & open source solutions too.
So you won’t have to spend a fortune on specialist software to experience the benefits.

View all your companys’ metrics in one bespoke dashboard.

Turnover by Month is a good start for a chart (and KPI) for your business, but BI goes way further into your business data. Compare year on year, or month by month the previous year. Calculate average sales and add to that the inflation index for that period.


How about overlaying your staff attendance on your original turnover charts?

What about revenue by business channel? And creating a formula for real customer acquirement cost?

We’re just scratching the surface here. But genuinely meaningful metrics can be created and tracked depending on your business and the data available.

Get in touch with us to formulate Key Performance Indicators for your company and optimize business to squeeze more value from your activities.